Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Retail Kit

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Retail Kit includes:

  • (1) Bye-Bump Green Cream (2oz)
  • (1) Bye-Bump Exfoliating Enzyme Mist (2oz)

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Exfoliating Enzyme Mist is a simple custom blended enzyme mist for ingrown hairs, folliculitis and body pimples. This can be used before you apply our Bye-Bump Green Cream for a daily homecare.

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Green Cream is a simple one-of-a-kind ingrown hair treatment for ingrown hairs, folliculitus and body pimples. The Bye-Bump Green Cream can be used as a spot treatment after waxing or applied to use as a shaving cream.


Ingredients coming soon!

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Exfoliating Enzyme Mist:Spray onto the affected area. Allow to dry before applying the Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Green Cream. Leave both products on the skin overnight and clean off the next morning.

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Green Cream: Apply to the infected ingrown with a clean q-tip. Leave product on overnight and wipe off the next morning.